Helping brokers reprice and refinance their clients

Sherlok loans has one mission, reducing your clients interest rate by reprice or refinancing.


Let’s face it, brokers get cheaper home loan rates! Well…. that’s until we get busy and forget to reprice or refinance our existing clients.  

Existing clients are critical to a successful broking business but guess what…. over time, the banks apply their ‘loyalty tax’ by increasing YOUR clients home loan rate over time. This rate creep is what triggers your clients search for a lower rate with other lenders or brokers, without you even knowing.  

That’s why we developed Sherlok. Sherlok is our Artificial Intelegence detective who monitors your clients loans 24/7. If Sherlok suspects the banks are applying their loyalty tax to YOUR clients, he automatically reprices their loan to a lower the rate. Sherlok then tells your clients how you are because as their broker, you’ve lowered their home loan rate without them having to ask. That’s one way to generate more client referrals and have happier, longer lasting clients!

Now, if the existing bank doesn’t agree to lower the rate, Sherlok entices your clients to refinance their home loan to other lenders offering lower rates. When the client accepts the better offer or wants more information, the broker is alerted to contact the clients and refinance their loan.


Sherlok is currently onboarding our first team of brokers. Click below to learn more and join our waiting list.

Let’s make sure your clients are on the lowest rate, or refinance them!

Are you ready to generate more leads from your loan book?