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Why Sherlok?

When you’re seeking growth, it can be easy to focus your attention on new leads and forget about the opportunities that could come from servicing your existing clients.

Sherlok solves this problem in two ways:

1. Reprices loans automatically

Sit back and relax as Sherlok analyses your client list. We monitor your clients’ interest rates to detect when your clients could be getting a lower rate.

2. Generates refinancing leads

Sherlok compares your clients’ rates against other lender rates, identifies valuable refinancing opportunities from your existing trail book, and sends these leads straight to your inbox.

How it works

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Connect Sherlok to your existing client list

Sherlok will analyse your client loans

Rates that are too high are automatically repriced

Clients who are ready to refinance are presented back to you

You then takeover to refinance your client

Sign up today, and we’ll generate enough refinance leads to cover your annual subscription.

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