Sherlok helps brokers maximise the potential of their loan book.

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We’re Australia’s first automated repricing & refinancing tool!
Keep clients for longer and settle more loans each month! Built by brokers!

Designed by brokers and built exclusively for brokers just like you. Sherlok's Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine monitors your existing clients home loan rates 24/7, reprices rates that are too high and automatically notifies you when a client should refinance. Allowing you to keep clients for longer and settle more loans each month.

How Sherlok works

Being a broker can be tough! It’s easy to focus your attention on new leads and forget about your existing clients who are at risk of leaving you. Sherlok solves this problem by monitoring your clients home loan rates 24/7, automatically repricing rates that are too high and sending valuable refinance leads straight to your inbox.

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First you connect Sherlok to your existing client list.

Sherlok then analyses your client loans.

Rates that are too high are automatically repriced.

Clients who are ready to refinance are presented back to you.

You then takeover to refinance your client.

We’ll generate enough refinance leads to cover your annual subscription plus we’ll give you a 21 day free trial. No credit card details needed for free trial. 

 Trusted by Australia’s top brokers!