You’re serious about helping your clients get the best home loan rate possible.

So are we.

Sherlok Loans is a lead generation platform that detects quality refinancing and repricing leads in your existing trail book, and delivers them straight to your inbox.

Sherlok boosts your business in two ways

#1 Reprices your existing clients’ loans without you lifting a finger

Every broker strives to keep their clients on the best rate, but lack of time and resources can often get in the way. Put Sherlok to work and it’ll not only detect which of your clients could be on a lower rate with their current lender, but will automatically reprice the loan on your behalf. Your clients get a lower rate and you’ll look like the hero = win win.

#2 Generates valuable refinancing leads from your existing trail book

When you’re seeking growth, it can be easy to focus your attention on new leads and forget about the opportunities that could come from refinancing your existing clients, not to mention the benefits of protecting your trail book income. Sherlok solves this problem by analysing your existing client list for quality refinancing leads, which are sent straight to your inbox on a weekly basis.

How it works

1. Upload your client list to our secure platform

2. Sit back and relax as Sherlok analyses your client list

3. If Sherlok detects a loan that can be repriced, we’ll send a request to the lender

4. If a loan can’t be repriced, Sherlok will do its best to refinance

5. Sherlok will continue to monitor lender rates 24/7