Fair Use Policy

1. The Sherlok Fair Use Policy
The purpose of our Sherlok Fair Use Policy is to ensure that all our customers can access our services and do not use our services in a manner that we consider ‘unreasonable’ or ‘unacceptable’.
In addition, the Sherlok Fair Use Policy sets out your responsibilities when you use Sherlok, to reprice and refinancing your clients home loans.  It also confirms steps we may take to ensure and monitor compliance with this policy as well as setting out our responsibilities to comply with directions from regulatory and other law enforcement bodies.
2. General
Sherlok is an intermediary technology platform for third parties (mortgage brokers) to automatically request reprices and refinance options on behalf of their residential clients.
Sherlok is not a lender or an aggregator nor does Sherlok work on behalf of lenders or aggregators.
You may not use the service in a manner which is ‘unreasonable’ or ‘unacceptable’.
3. Unreasonable use
We consider your use of the service unreasonable if you use it in a manner which is other than it was intended for.
Here are some examples of uses which we consider ‘unreasonable’.  This is not intended to be an exhaustive list:
  • using the service for fraudulent purposes;
  • using the service for bulk repricing;
  • abnormal or excessive volumes of reprice requests (exceeding 10 active reprice requests per day);
4. Unacceptable use
You may not use our services in any manner which improperly interferes with another person’s use of our services or for illegal or unlawful purposes. 
You may not use our services in any manner which improperly interferes with another person’s use of our services or for illegal or unlawful purposes. 
  • if you provide us with false user information to use the service;
  • using the service to send unsolicited or unwanted commercial electronic messages to individuals or businesses;
  • using the service to gain improper access to another person’s private or personal information;
  • using the service to defame, harass or abuse anyone or violate their privacy;
  • contravening any applicable laws when you use the service;
  • using the service to distribute or make available material that is misleading or deceptive as to your identity;
  • infringing any person’s intellectual property rights, including copyright, when you use the service;
5. Storage and security of your personal information
We are under no obligation to monitor your transmissions or any content you publish using the service.  However, we may from time to time monitor transmissions or published content to protect our network, our other customers and the general public as well as to ensure you are complying with the terms of this policy.  We may need to disclose any findings as required to regulatory authorities.
We take active steps to minimise the amount of spam on our network, which may include:
  • Restricting your ability to forward emails
  • Limiting your access to the service to a closed user group relevant to your use of the service
  • Requiring you to rectify any misconfigured mail and/or proxy servers
We may provide your username, IP address or identifying material to law enforcement authorities when required to do so.
6. Managing Congestion
External market factors such as increases and decreases to interest rates can have an impact on the volume of reprice requests and reviews across the market which can impact the time it takes for lenders to review and respond.
This means that at times reprices may take longer and our usual 24 hours and SLA might increase to a few days, depending on the lender’s response timeframe. Sherlok’s priority is to get through them as quickly as possible.
Sherlok will always work to achieve the best possible reprice for your clients to keep them at competitive rates – sometimes it might take longer than usual.
7. Refund Policy for Annual Subscriptions
We do not offer refunds for annual subscriptions. Once a subscription is purchased, it is non-refundable.
Last modified December 2023.