Thanks for your interest in Sherlok, we're pumped you’re here and eager to get you up and running ASAP!

We’ve added you to our waitlist – here’s why and what will happen next…

Why are you on a waitlist?

We’re still waiting for your aggregator to give us the big thumbs up to allow Sherlok to integrate directly into your CRM which will ensure you get to experience the magic of Sherlok the way that brokers from other aggregators are.

Discussions are underway but Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it seems, neither is getting the big thumbs up from your aggregator.

How can you speed things up?

Keep having the conversation with your BDM, ask them when you can start using Sherlok to automate your repricing and refinancing…this will keep it front of mind and they’ll know it’s an important conversation to continue pushing.

Got questions?

We’re here to help, hit us up at or call us on 1300 664 886.

We can’t wait to get you up and running, hopefully sooner…rather than later!

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