Unfortunately, we’re not working with your aggregator yet!

We will add you to the waitlist and as soon as your aggregator is ready to work with us we will be back in touch!

How can you help to speed things up?

Tell your aggregator that you want to use Sherlok (just like brokers from other aggregators)

Speak to your BDM or state manager and ask them when you can start using Sherlok to automate your repricing and refinancing…this will keep it front of mind and they’ll know it’s an important conversation to continue pushing.

In the meantime, watch our demo on demand to see Sherlok in action.

In this pre-recorded demo, Sherlok founder Adam Grocke explains how Sherlok helps brokers keep clients for longer and settle more loans each month, plus presents a demonstration of the portal and how to maximise its features.

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Experience the power of automated client retention and rest assured knowing that your clients are happy and will stay with you forever.