You’ve been added to the AFG Waitlist - here’s what will happen next…

We’re pumped to welcome you to the Sherlok community and eager to get you up and running ASAP!

Why are you on a waitlist?

To ensure you have a great experience with Sherlok we have a few more technical integrations to complete between AFG and the Sherlok platform before we can finalise your onboarding – you’ll thank us later!

What do you need to do now?

Nothing, yet. You’re on the AFG waitlist, as soon as the techy stuff is done, you’ll be the first to know – keep an eye out for an email from Sherlok to finalise your onboarding.

Got questions?

We’re here to help, hit us up at or call us on 1300 664 886.

We can’t wait to get you up and running!

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